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Supervisor, Operations Solutions

GautengSouth Africa
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  • Matric
  • Diploma in Operation or Supply Chain Management will be an advantage, but not required

Computer Skills:

  • WMS skills & knowledge
  • CMMS

Job-related Requirements:

  •     Proven track record in a product logistics environment
  •     Minimum of 3-5 years experience in Leading a team in a Logistics and Supply chain environment. 
  •     Sound knowledge of IR principles and ensuring adherence.
  •     Operations: Extensive knowledge and hands-on skills related to Inbound & Outbound logistics, Warehouse Processes, and Part supply through Autocall, sequencing, Milkrun & Kitting. 
  •     Abilities to investigate and closeout inventory stock variances, caused by incorrect system transactions, Bills of Material, etc.
  •     Problem-Solving: Effective Root Cause Analysis, Problem-Solving, and implementation of Corrective and Preventative Measures;
  •     Supervision: Must be able to do all supervisory functions (Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling, Monitoring) independently, effectively, and reliably;
  •     Communication: Must communicate effectively (written and verbal) to manage and meet both internal and external customer expectations;
  •     Compliance: Must ensure full site compliance, including the following: DSV Policies, Regulations, Work Instructions, Maintenance Schedule, and Local Authority       requirements;
  •     Stress and Conflict Management: Must have effective techniques and/or skills to manage conflict, cope with stress and work effectively under constant pressure;
  •     Commercial: Must have effective commercial acumen and experience to manage Client and Supplier Contracts, SLA, and Risks;
  •     HR and IR: Must be able to effectively lead, train, perform measure, and performance manage all subordinates to ensure high morale, productivity, and retention. This includes advanced knowledge of Industrial Relations and Processes;


  • Good people and leadership skills
  • Work towards achieving objectives and goals on a personal level and team level.
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Must have good time management skills


  • This position aims to ensure contract adherence in terms of client relations, operational performance, commercial and financial performance, people management and development, and continual improvement initiatives. Supervising a team of 45 to 60 employees.
  • The role needs to ensure operations are managed by the DSV standards and policies and procedures. Ensure that the DSV strategy, goals, and initiatives are cascaded down through the organization into the various areas of the operation.
  • Support and actively participate in development services and solutions to complement DSV’s offering to the Automotive industry.



  • To enhance a 2-way communication process within the team. 
  • Communicate information obtained from the Operations Manager.
  • Keep the Operations Manager informed on problems or concerns 
  • . Communicate the goals/objectives to the team members 
  • Communicate defects to other teams/sections (feedback on quality, 
  •  safety, etc.) 
  • Maintain high morale through continuous communications 
  •  Solicit input from team members 
  •  Maintain high morale and team spirit through continuous coaching 



  • Encourage and solicit suggestions that the team members can do on their own. 
  • Encourage team members to submit improvement proposals 



  • To enable personal growth by organizing training for all team members. 
  • Master all jobs in the team to relieve, train and assist the team members using the JIT method 
  • Train the team members to become multi-skilled workers according to the flexibility chart 
  • Record and maintain the flexibility chart of the team 
  • Give job instruction training to all newcomers in the team



  • To create an environment where attendance is seen as essential for team performance. 
  • Cover all absenteeism whenever needed in the team.
  •  Inform the Operations Manager if absentee coverage cannot be resolved within the team 
  • Motivate team members to attendance 



  • To create a positive and constructive climate by coaching and supporting the team members. 
  •  Monitor performance of team members, coach/retrain where necessary 
  • Assist in eliminating problem operations and bottlenecks 
  •  Be aware of the health conditions of team members 
  • Give positive feedback on performance issues to team members 
  • Give input to the Branch Manager about performance evaluations



  • To enhance a 2-way communication process within the team. 
  •  Prepare the agenda of the meeting and solicit input from Operations Manager and team members 
  •  Conduct the meeting 
  •  Inform the Operations Manager about the outcome of the meeting 
  •  Follow-up on items discussed during the meeting 



  • To create flexibility and personal growth by organizing job rotation. 
  •  Ensure that the job rotation amongst team members balances ergonomically challenging jobs with those that are physically less 
  •  Train team members to gain flexibility for job rotation 
  •  Maintain a record of rotation
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