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  • Maintenance and improvement of existing infrastructure and development/expansion of air quality monitoring networks.
  • Electronic, electrical and mechanical maintenance of the country wide air quality monitoring infrastructure on a continuous 24 hours per day, 365 days a year basis.
  • Ensure data transmission and accuracy of data from the ambient air quality monitoring infrastructure.
  • Perform equipment maintenance procedures as per schedule or when required so as to limit down time of infrastructure to a minimum.
  • Assembly and installation of monitoring systems and associated peripheral equipment according to prescribed guidelines installation manuals.
  • Commissioning and installation of new technical applications and solutions.
  • Perform major and minor repairs to monitoring equipment as and when required.
  • Problem solving and other routine functions pertaining to the monitoringinfrastructure.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting on the availability and quality of data from the monitoring network in line with applicable SOPS and templates.
  • Interaction with technical staff in the SAWS Regional and Head offices in technical aswell as scientific and ICT fields.
  • Strict adherence to/implementation of national and internationally prescribed standards and SOPs in respect of the air quality monitoring infrastructure maintenance and data management and reporting.
  • Provision of technical support to remote locations (Background stations and Regional offices).
  • Provide guidance to and assist junior staff in the solving of problems, scheduled tasks, and other routine functions pertaining to the monitoring infrastructure.
  • Ensure that the requirements for preventative and corrective maintenance as well as infrastructure recapitalization are estimated, motivated for and communicated to management and included in Departmental budgets.
  • Maintain good/productive stakeholder and client relationships and ensure > 80% client satisfaction.
  • Assist with the management and implementation of the Regional Centers for air quality and meteorological monitoring.
  • Ensure adherence to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025.
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in ambient air quality monitoring technologies and techniques.4
  • Ability to work independently to solve problems, and perform tasks and other routine functions pertaining to the monitoring infrastructure.
  • Contribute to the strategic direction and business plan of the South African Weather
  • Service, and pay special attention to targets, transformation and recapitalization.
  • Act as a mentor to junior staff and provide support to the Regional offices and remote locations.
  • Manage air quality workshop and the job card system.
  • Ensure equipment and consumables are purchased timeously and maintain operating stock.
  • Ensure project expenditure within time and budget.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A 4-year qualification related to Electronic or Electrical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry or Environmental Management.
  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience in ambient air quality monitoring or other environmental monitoring that involved equipment/instrument commissioning (including siting), instrument operation, maintenance, calibration, repair and data transmission.
  • Advanced or expert skills in ambient air quality monitoring instrument operation, maintenance and repair.
  • Advanced knowledge of ambient air quality monitoring instruments and measurement technics.
  • Good knowledge of computer and information systems as well as database management systems.
  • Knowledge of air quality legislation, laboratory quality systems, monitoring equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Code 8 driver’s license for a gear shift vehicle (manual).
  • Ability to work under pressure and within time constraints.
  • Ability and willingness to work over-time (weekends included) as and when needed.
  • Ability to travel long distance and sleep-over away from home as per maintenance schedules when required.
  • Project management skills and experience.
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About the company

SAWS is an agency of the Department of Environmental Affairs and is governed by a board. SAWS is the authority for weather and climate forecasting in South Africa.

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